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DEO PARFÜM CANDY- Rosenöl Bonbons


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An avant-garde combination of a caressing the palate pleasure and the latest scientific research by leading Japanese researchers in the sphere of Nutricosmetics - a way to achieve beauty through food. 

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"DEO" perfume candies are designed to meet the growing demand and increasingly more demanding users not only flavors of hard candies and their functional properties, but also to the additional effects inherent to the nutrikozmetikata. The inventor was inspired by his product by Japanese scientists. This showed that the geraniol, one of the components of rose oil, does not dissolve by digestion, but is secreted directly through the skin. The fabric thus has properties similar to garlic, according Peyschew - but the smell of geraniol will perceived as pleasant.

The beautifying food is enriched with ingredients that have the beautiful appearance of the skin p fl ay, and natural essential oils have the ability to penetrate through the skin pores and spread a scent that hold up to 6 hours kan. After oral ingestion of each next candy with rose oil are placed on the skin surface to varying degrees its ingredients free, which in turn leads to broadcast a pleasant scent of roses.

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